Vital statistics
Name Ptah
Kanji Name {{{japanese name- kanji}}}
Alias Purr-tah (Bastet);
Gender Male
Age Infinite (literal)
20 (physical)
Hair Color Bianca White
Eye Color Coral Red
Height 5'9" (175.26 cm)
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Blood Type A-
Family Bastet (consort)
Sekhmet (consort)
Maahes (son with Bastet)
Nefertem (son with Sekhmet)
Birthday Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Occupation Egyptian God
Suki Clan Guardian
Hometown Memphis, Egypt

Ptah is the Egyptian god of Creation and Arts. He takes on a human form and tests the humans, trying to decide over countless centuries if they should live.

Appearance Edit

Ptah takes the current form of a stereotypical albino human. He has short white hair, barely even touching his shoulders and his eyes are a light shade of red. He has a chained lip piercing, which connects to an ear cuff, and two hoop earrings at the top of his ear. His clothing consists of light clothes, mainly a thin shirt of any color and a pair jeans. He rarely wears shoes. Occasionally, he will have deep red scleras.

Personality Edit

Ptah generally stands out in a crowd of people, but usually keeps to himself, avoiding humans as much as he possibly can while in public. He is generally calm and quiet, and maybe once in a blue moon, he can be seen chatting with a casual human. However, once enraged, he will attack his provoker with anything, ranging from a teacup to a building's wall.

He can be rather moody, usually ranging in the negative moods, though every once in a while, you can catch him in a good mood. Once in a good mood, it is very easy to knock him out of it, and he will be back to his normal mood state. Though, to keep calm he drinks various teas.

Bio Edit

Once Christianity had moved to Egypt and followers had lost faith in him, he slowly began to weaken. He started disguising himself as a human, and began testing his previous followers, and anyone else. He was often tortured for being different, often being the first that others would accuse for crimes of any sort. He has suffered through every torture known to man, and because of this, resents humans and Christianity.

Anubis, a trouble-making necromancer, had caused some issues within the Suki clan, in which Ptah was dragged into. In debt to the clan because of Anubis, he decided to help protect the clan. Seeing as they weren't completely human, he seems a bit more friendly towards them. He has moved into the estate and watches humanity from there.

Relationships Edit

Lady Aizai Edit

Ptah respects Lady Aizai and puts up with her madness. He tends to protect Aizai under some circumstances, trying to keep her from suffering more than she already has. He feels empathetic to her suffering, seeing as he hates the human race, something he is in control of. She is one of the few, if not the only, human he likes and respects.

As time has flown by, he has developed feelings for the weak woman, feeling every need to protect her and show her true passion and care. He understands her insanity, as it is not her fault and submits to her willingly, and will do anything to have just a few moments with her. Ptah sees her as a Goddess who, like him, has been through enough to excuse the way she is. If he does something she does not like, he will take every punishment she throws at him, whether or not it's unfair.

He will accept whatever feelings Aizai feels for him and if she rejects him, he will not force their relationship any further. He will respect her bounds.

Anubis, the Necromancer Edit

Anubis and Ptah have a complicated relationship, seeing as they can be friendly to each other and chatting calmly one moment, to being at each other's throats the next. However, since he has joined the Suki clan, he has ceased all activity with the necromancer.