Joseph Lancaster
Jobo Temp
Vital statistics
Name Joseph Lancaster
Kanji Name {{{japanese name- kanji}}}
Alias Jobo
Gender Male
Age 6
Hair Color Tia Maria
Eye Color Indigo
Height 3'6" (106 cm)
Weight 40 Ilbs. (18 kg)
Blood Type O-
Family Mother
Birthday August 25th, 2009
Astrological Sign Virgo
Occupation N/A
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Joseph Lancaster is a young boy who suffers from frontal lobe epilepsy, which has caused him to have seizures and visual hallucinations. He doesn't fully understand his condition, and is very frightened by these hallucinations, which have caused him to have an unfortunate accident, which he doesn't like talking about.

Appearance Edit

Joseph has short ginger hair with slightly long bangs, with indigo tinted, blue eyes. He has a very bad slouch from an incident a few years ago. He tends to wear a dark shirt with khaki pants.

Personality Edit

Joseph tends to be a bit skittish, often startled by sudden changes in anything, and will freak out when something seems unnatural, usually going to a hiding place. He tends to be anti-social, not liking too many changes in his life.

Since his accident, he refuses to be called by his real name, Joseph, and prefers to be called "Jobo". He will panic if called by his real name.

Bio Edit

Joseph lived a pretty normal life, growing up up like any normal child. He didn't have his first seizure until he was five years old. It was nearing October, masks and costumes were on display just about anywhere. He was wandering around the second floor of a mall with his parents, looking for a costume. He was leaning over the balcony, looking down, when someone with an evil clown mask decided to pull a harmless prank and scare Joseph. Unfortunately for the child, he ended up falling, only seeing the clown mask, as well as various hallucinations and heard the name "Jobo" being called out as he fell. He landed on his back, which would cause major back problems and a horrible slouch.

Since the accident, large amounts of stress and fear can cause a seizure and because of this, he has been home-schooled. His parents began travelling in search of doctors and therapy for Joseph's problems. He's been to many countries and cities, and is currently in Japan.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

Joseph does love his parents and wants to get better for their sake. Though his parents see him mainly as a stressful child.

Dr. Hirei Suki Edit

Joseph's most recent doctor. When they first met, Joseph was afraid he was only a mere hallucination. Now, he sees Hirei as a father-figure due to his kind nature. Hirei is one of the nicest doctors that Joseph knows, who is willing to call him "Jobo" and attempt to slowly ease him out of his pain. He's grown attached to Hirei and likes to spend time at the hospital with Hirei and comfort him when somethings gone wrong.